Paths: An Existential Game of Choice

Interactive story design has been on my goals list for a long time. Finally, today, I’ve done it. I’ve taken the leap. Picture the classic text-based games of “choose your own adventure,” and you’re on the right track. As a learning designer, I see Twine as a golden opportunity to weave scenario-based learning into narratives, placing the reader at the helm of the story’s outcome. As a writer, it lets me push past the constraints of traditional story forms. For my first story-game, I aimed small in scope but not light on substance. In fact, I dove straight into one of my favourite philosophical topics: existentialism.

Here’s the description of the story-game:

an immersive interactive narrative that thrusts readers into a philosophical exploration of life’s deepest questions. Navigate through Acceptance, Denial, or Balance, and confront scenarios from Insignificance to Impact, Ignorance to Questioning, Flux to Equilibrium. This journey is not just a tale to be told but an introspective experience–each choice and outcome reflecting your unique view of existence. Brace for an exhilarating existential adventure challenging beliefs and inviting self-reflection at every turn.


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