From the diary of Samuel Preppys

9th of May, in the year of our Lord 2023,

This morn I awakened, my thoughts in a tumult, my mind awhirl, contemplating the nature of existence and the manner in which I approach it. A question hath arisen within me, regarding whether I am truly living with purpose or merely proceeding through life as an automaton, each day indistinguishable from the last.

I find myself dwelling upon the tactics and strategies of life, and I must confess, dear diary, that I lack a coherent plan. Instead, I exist day by day, responding to the world as it presents itself, without thought for the morrow. I consider the words of Master Henry Miller, who spake in an interview that too many souls strive to see far into the future, when they would be wiser to live as monks, attending to the present moment, attending to what is before their very eyes.

Yet, I am confounded by the means by which such an approach might carry me to the life I desire, which is to be a man of letters, with an income exceeding six figures, and a flourishing career as an independent author. Verily, I do not know if this Zen-like focus on the present moment will guide me to my intended destination.

Thus, I am left to ponder my place in this world and the path that shall lead me to my coveted goal. How shall I reconcile the wisdom of living in the present with the aspirations that dwell within my heart? Perhaps, in time, I shall discover the answer.

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